About Me

Why fingersbest?

Ever since I started to make music 40 years ago, I have never found a product that helped alleviate the problems associated with regular playing of an instrument. Various products I have tried were too greasy, too watery or too sticky and you always ended up with more product on the strings and on the fretboard than on your hands.
It was totally annoying, because why was / is there not a single product that meets all important aspects for musicians at the same time?

Extremely minimal exposure, non-adhesive, caring, permanent help with sweaty, rough and cracked hands and fingers, a long-lasting effect and applicable in every season.

Finally in 2011 I took the time and started to question this. This idea did not release me and I finally started to develop a unique product, to unite all these points in a single skin care product. You can be sure, that was not so easy. But the result proves all first testers and me right: Such a sophisticated product is possible.

With fingersbest® a professional product available for any musician, that combines all desired aspects of daily handcare.